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Decorus Digital 360 helps business to automate every aspect of their business.

Who We Are

Our passion: Transforming organizations through technology. Using technology to solve business problems.

Our niche: Building end-to-end solutions using Zoho. Your Zoho Experience Begins With Us.

Decorus Digital 360 is devoted to helping business people work with Zoho CRM in a variety of ways: implementation, customization, and consulting.

Who We Work With

We serve companies of all industries and sizes. That said, our solutions tend to work best for:

Field Services & Construction companies, such as installers, cleaning companies, and delivery service businesses
Manufacturing & Distribution companies, like metal, paper goods, and textiles manufacturers, as well as drop-shippers

Our Services & Products

A far cry from a “normal” Zoho consulting shop, we offer a variety of services and products at Decorus Digital 360:

Decorus Digital 360: Our core brand. We provide Zoho consulting, training, customization, development, and other professional services related to the Zoho suite of apps.
FieldTech: Our complete vertical solution, designed especially for field services, manufacturing.

The Decorus Digital 360 Difference

Before we do business together, we’d like to get to know you and your business processes a little better. As we like to say, we may be the Zoho experts, but you’re the expert of your business – so, any solution we recommend will make the most sense once we take the time to fully understand what you do and why you do it.


Decorus Digital 360 staff meets with you in order to understand your business and all its operations before recommending a solution to you.


We provide a formal solution blueprint to you, something that will solve not only current problems, but will anticipate and solve for future problems that arise as your business scales.


We put the plan we proposed to you into action. This includes deploying and customizing any apps and training you on best practices to ensure a high adoption rate.


Once the system is put in place and you’ve had time to adopt it, Decorus Digital 360 reviews the solution in place and listens for feedback, looking for ways to further optimize and improve things.